Adam Hersey - Drums (2023 - Present)
Lindsey Dicks - Guitar
Brady Hallett - Bass
Jeff MacDonald - Vocals
Andy MacIntosh - Drums (2006 - 2022)

     Based out of Halifax Nova Scotia, Novichok are on a mission to revitalize heavy music. Their aim is to ignite passion in music and metal fans alike by presenting original and modern themes over the classic heavy metal backdrop with the intent to motivate, inform and entertain.

Formed in 2006, Novichok's sound and style is driven by heavy guitar riffs, calculated and well-directed solos, primal groove-first drum beats and song lyrics that pertain to modern issues and the human struggle.

The name Novichok was originally used to describe an advanced secret biological weapon developed in the former Soviet Union that has been suspected of use in recent years. For Nova Scotia’s Novichok, this name pertains to the themes in their music and lyrics that relate to the secrecy and suppression of knowledge, the deterioration of the planet, and humanity's last ensuing calls for action.

Currently playing shows to promote their 2nd album Geo-Desiccant, Novichok are available for live bookings and interviews.

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